50th Anniversary 2021 Video/Audio Files
To Share: MNS Key Impacts Then & Now

Also see all 50th Reunion Chat-recommended Resources;
And share George Lakey’s critical, timely 30-min. video
Polarization and “How We Win and the new 8-min.
trailer for his upcoming bio at GeorgeLakeyFilm.com

Special thanks to the 30 panelists and six Weavers: Joan, Fred, Mary, Herb, John and
Seth Horwitz (our tech-spert, far left above). Also Robert Dove (Memorials emcee)
and PJ Hoffman, Peter Blood and Annie Patterson for concerts and singing (above).
Also all 130 alumni who took part, including (below): Sarah, Paul, Rabbi Shana,
Eric, Marty, Sandra, Martha, David, Jamie (NM), Caroline and Scott.

CLICK “V” FOR Video of 8 sessions below, “A” FOR
Audio, “S” for slides/notes, or Resource Links.

[V, A, S] MNS/Life Center Founding 1971 & Early Years (59-min)
Berit Lakey, George Lakey, Ellen Deacon, Dick Taylor, Phyllis Taylor

[V, A
(56m) & continued at V, A (28-min) ]
MNS Expansion in Regions:
Mary McCaffrey; NE Helen Halperin,
Jerry Koch-Gonzalez; MW Neal Crandall, Nancy & David Finke;
NW Rose Betz-Zall, Patty Lyman et al.; West Fred Cook & Michael Ray
[V, A, S] Oppression/Liberation: in 3 Parts
(2 hrs)
Feminism & LGBTQ: Erika Thorne, Firefly
Classism: Joan Nikelsky, Betsy Leondar-Wright
Jewish Activism, Racism: Michelle Marks, David Shen
[V, A] Training & Group Process, Then & Now (60-min)
Mary Lou Finley (fac); Erika Thorne; Patty Lyman; Fred Cook
[V, A, S] Macroanalysis & MNS Publications (58m): NSP, CCP and more
Pamela Haines (fac.), John Steitz, Bob Irwin & David Albert, who provided:
History of NSP, To Mend a Broken World>; his Bajaj Program Bio; Award for Dorika
V, A] ECOLOGY & CLIMATE ACTIVISM (60m): Herb Ettel, Anti-Nuclear [S];
Jonathan Betz-Zall, [S] Environmental Justice; Julie Greenberg, Climate Action;
Shodo Spring, [S] Consciousness, Environmental & Indigenous Activism
V, A] Nonviolence, Peace & Transnational Part 1 (63m)
Chuck Esser (fac.), Asia; Ray Torres, Haiti; Linda Nunes-Schrag, Phila. Namibia Action Group &
Willoughbys; Dan Clark, first Secretary Peace Brigades Int’l; David Loeb, Transnational Collective
[V, A] Nonviolence, Peace & Transnational Part 2 (58m)
Peter Woodrow (fac.) Nonviolence & Conflict Resolution; Michael Beer, NVI and Tactics;
[S] Peter Bergel, Civilian Based Defense; [S] Stephen Zunes, Mideast & Africa (with Nanlouise)

We bid a sad farewell to MNS alumna Alice Maes,
with many fond memories and gratitude that she
and daughter Sarah attended our 50th Anniversary
a week before “changing her address” at 91, 11/22/2021


See George Lakey’s timely video Polarization & “How We Win” (30-min.),
2023 Author Tour, books, videos; and trailer for his new bio doc
Also Bill Moyer’s final training video; and MNSers play “Rainstorm,”
a 2-minute “light-and-lively” (ice-breaker game) in 2009.

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