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  • International Center for Nonviolent Conflict releases Civil Resistance Tactics in the 21st Century, by Michael Beer, veteran activist, organizer, and executive director of Nonviolence International [Download it free.] In their 108-page “monograph,” Beer and colleagues  painstakingly identified 360 tactics or “methods” of nonviolent action, expanding on the 198 sociologist Dr. Gene Sharp described in his three-volume 1973 “The Politics of Nonviolent Action.” Beer’s publication adds scores more tactics and proposes helpful new categories, and is available as a 1-MB free download. See the March 31 webinar below.

  • ICNC presents The Role of External Support in Nonviolent Campaigns: Poisoned Chalice or Holy Grail? by Drs. Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan, authors of the groundbreaking civil resistance classic, Why Civil Resistance Works. Published by ICNC Press, this new report in its monograph series employs original, qualitative, and quantitative data to examine the ways that external assistance impacted the characteristics and success rates of post-2000 revolutionary nonviolent uprisings. Download the full monograph for free here. Watch the March 3 webinar with the renowned authors at bottom [or here.]
  • Training For Change offers spring and summer public online webinar/workshops weekly (about four per month), all rooted in their  Direct Education approach. Their trainers center the group, building upon dynamics in the room and participants’ own experience to introduce new content and help the group access their own wisdom. Topics include their free “Online Facilitation 101.” Many are “training of trainers”; they’re designed for folks facilitating and training across contexts and with varying levels of experience. Some are offered regularly throughout the year, but many are offered less frequently, and fill up quickly, so check them out now, share with colleagues, and reserve well in advance.
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See George Lakey’s timely video Polarization & “How We Win” (30-min.),
2023 Author Tour, books, videos; and trailer for his new bio doc
Also Bill Moyer’s final training video; and MNSers play “Rainstorm,”
a 2-minute “light-and-lively” (ice-breaker game) in 2009.

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