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Lakey-DancingwithhistoryGeorge Lakey’s Memoir, Dancing with History:
A life for peace & justice

His 2023 national tour of over a hundred author events (so far) covers Lakey’s (85) six decades of nonviolent action and strategy. Learn more about Lakey and his many other books, videos and film and more by other MNS alums.

Altar to an Erupting Sun (2023)Chuck Collins AltartoanEruptingSun

Chuck Collins’s exciting and inspiring 2023 novel for and about climate and justice activists and effective action to bring about lasting change. See description, praise and order now.
Learn more about Collins and his many other books, videos and articles and more by other MNS alums.

Visit  Professor Stephen Zunes’s site for his many articles, interviews, videos and books, including: Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution; Nonviolent Social Movements; and Tinderbox. Also see videos of his and other presentations at the MNS 50th Anniversary plus best nonviolence resources.

DOWNLOAD FREE: How Agent Provocateurs Harm Our Movements (2022, 45 PP.) by Steve Chase, from Solidarity 2020 and Beyond & ICNC Press. OR Order the paperback or e-book copies. See George Lakey’s review in and the trailer to Lakey’s bio-doc.

International Center for Nonviolent Conflict releases Civil Resistance Tactics in the 21st Century, by Michael Beer, veteran activist, organizer, and executive director of Nonviolence International [Download it free.] In their 108-page “monograph,” Beer and colleagues  painstakingly identified 360 tactics or “methods” of nonviolent action, expanding on the 198 sociologist Dr. Gene Sharp described in his three-volume 1973 “The Politics of Nonviolent Action.” Beer’s publication adds scores more tactics and proposes helpful new categories, and is available as a 1-MB free download. See the March 31 webinar below.


Former MNS members have published scores of books and hundreds of articles and pamphlets
addressing and fostering Movement for a New Society: Training, vision, strategy more. Here are a few of the more prominent MNS authors, theorists and strategists.Find  many more on our MNS 50th Anniversary page. Click each name to find their writings, bios and photos, or on any cover image above or below:

David AlbertMichael Beer (, Steve Chase (Solidarity 2020 and Beyond), Chuck Collins (, George Lakey, Robert A. Irwin ( Building a Peace System ; digital searchable), Barbara JensenJerry Koch-Gonzalez, Pamela Haines, Betsy Leondar-Wright, Peter Woodrow, Stephen Zunes. Prolific MNS writers now deceased include: MNS co-founders Bill Moyer, Lynne Shivers, Lillian and George Willoughby, plus George Fischer, Judith Lashof, Pat Parkman, and Felice Yeskel.

Bill Moyer (1933-2002) developed the widely acclaimed “Movement Action Plan”

Doing Democracy, and Paul & Mark Engler’s follow-up,
This is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping the 21st Century.]
See Bill’s others’ best training resources at

Moyer was a globally acclaimed organizer, strategist, writer, educator and trainer in nonviolent social movements, active in a dozen countries for forty years. He was SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) staff for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the American Friends Service Committee, Movement For A New Society, Keystone Safe Energy Alliance, and Executive Director of the Social Movement Empowerment Project in San Francisco. (See his wiki page.)


Perhaps no process MNSers developed has been more ambitious or used than “Macro-analysis” study groups, in which participants prepare presentations summarizing select readings so all may discuss and benefit from a wide range of articles on each week’s topic. Alumni are now updating both the process and readings, but meanwhile, please
Download and use free these 4 editions of the Guide:
1973, 1976 Pages 1-42 & Pages 43-106, 1981 and
START 2014
(i.e., Study Think Act Respond Together).


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Members also established two activist publishing houses, New Society Publishers and Common Courage Press. Former MNSers founded and/or contribute frequently to other news and activist sites, including: Institute for Policy Studies and, whose writers have appeared on the BBC, NPR, Al Jazeera and Democracy Now!  Many larger outlets have republished their movement coverage, including: The Guardian, The Nation, In These Times, Salon, Huffington Post, Yes! Magazine and . Some have been cited by The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Vox and Peace News (UK).

Find key and historic MNS documents in the Swarthmore Library Peace Collection.
For a critique of MNS and why it disbanded, read “Oppose and Propose: Lessons from MNS

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Find more at, & MNS 50th Reunion,
Ukraine and Nonviolent Resistance

See George Lakey’s timely video Polarization & “How We Win” (30-min.),
2023 Author Tour, books, videos; and trailer for his new bio doc.
Also Bill Moyer’s final training video; and MNSers play “Rainstorm
a 2-minute “light-and-lively” (ice-breaker game) in 2009.

Movement for a New Society: Training, Vision, Strategy

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